Topic 1 : Result of your work and life

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     Passion and ability are from 0 to 100 point, for example there are 2 people, A is good ability but no making effort, another B is a bit not good skill but has very good passion and making effort a lot.  Result of A = Passion 20 x Ability 80 = 1,600 / Result of B = Passion 80 x Ability 50 = 4,000.  And after this, we have to multiply Think point.  Think point is from -100 to +100.  It means that if the person who has bad thinking the result will be minus.  But if you have good thinking, your result will be 100% plus.

     By the way, what is “Good thinking”?  Good thinking is always “positive”, “productive”, “Cooperative”, “cheerful”, “Think good faith”, “Gentle”, “Diligence”, “Honestly”, “Humble”, “Making effort”, “Not selfish”, “Not Greed”, “having Thank thinking”. 

     When you live in your life or aim for big dream, you will have difficult situation.  At that time, you can believe this equation, and please think good, do good, making effort, then every things will be fine and better.  You can change your life to better and better depends on your thinking.

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